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Mix Tape

Rob Newton


Players are recording songs off the radio for in order to impress the love of their life. The songs will earn the players points, setup tempo combinations, and also empower the players with abilities they can use to impress their crush.

What makes it unique?

  • Split engine (half on side A, other half on side B)
  • Multi-use cards
  • Pocket-sized
  • Multiple paths to victory

You can take it with you for a thinky, competitive puzzle anywhere— strategic depth in a package the size of a cassette player. It's a gentler introduction to the engine-building genre for new players, but has enough strategic depth for experienced players.

Record songs onto both A and B sides of your cassette and try to create harmony with abilities that work well together. Coordinate and plan your moves so that you have access to the right side of your tape when you need it. Songs are your engine, your currency, and how you score points.